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Friday, August 27, 2004

Roman Fest

The day after the Medieval Fest in Kaiserslautern, we went to a Roman Fest in Trier. It was probably unfortunate that we went to them only a day apart from each other. It seemed pretty much the same thing, only in Trier the participants were dressed up in Roman costumes instead of medieval ones.

Trier was an old Roman capital in Constantine's day. The "black gate" or "Porta Nigra" is still standing, as well as an old palace and an amphitheatre and the Imperial Baths. We walked around some of these sites and looked in the shops as well as looking at the Roman Fest. At the Fest, Timothy tried using a wooden sword on guys in Roman armor.

They had colored lights up in the underground passages of the Baths, to give it a "Mystical" appearance. It made it rather spooky, and hard to see where you were going, so Timothy urged us to get out of there as fast as possible.

We finished up the day with pizza at Romeo's in Landstuhl.

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