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Friday, August 27, 2004

Medieval Fest

My Dad was here for a couple of weekends, on his way to and from St. Petersburg for a conference for scientists who disagree with Einstein. (No, he's not a crank. He gave a paper discussing how GPS data doesn't fit the Special Theory of Relativity. He's highly respected among GPS professionals.)

Anyway, the Friday he came, we went to a Medival Fest in Kaiserslautern in the evening. We had Flammkuchen for dinner--a specialty from the nearby Alsace region of France. It's on thin bread like a tortilla, with cheese and onions and bacon and other possible toppings.

I like Medieval Fests in Europe; it seems like an appropriate setting. It's a little scary how enthusiastic the participants are. Most people there were dressed in medieval clothes. The participants camp out on the grounds. You can buy old-fashioned things, and watch a blacksmith or a tournament, and other medieval craftspeople.

It does seem like it would be a fun way for a college student to spend a summer, following medieval fests selling items or doing reenactments.

My boys took a turn throwing axes at a target. Josh's aim wasn't bad, but the ax didn't stick in the target. Timothy was the only one to throw an ax that stuck. I'll post pictures to go with this.

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